XX Power

on Tuesday, January 25, 2011
"who are we???"
XX Genius!!
"Who are We???"
XX Best...!!
"Who Are we??"
XX Power!!
Tadaaa!XX Power

There u have it...!XX power is showing the power in conquering people's mind.Hahaha!!
Since the very first day i met with the members of the group, i've never thought that we can be very great to get long, to get together, to laugh  together, to play sudoku together, to gossip together and blabalabla.

We are two months old guys,thanks for being in my team,thanks for being my friend. The most valuable moment with you guys is when we play doodling during Mr Barjoyai session. Where i caught red handed in drawing suka2 hati picture. They thought that i have problem in my life but i haven't had any! I share with you some moments with XX Power.

OH! Before that...Afie!I miss u So much!Hope u do well in your future undertakings!Good Luck!Dont u ever try to forget us ok!I love u.
Pnat, Yati n Hisyam

Nabel n Suri
mayna n intan

Afie, nabel, pnat, intan n syam


Anonymous said...

hey3...miss u guys so very much
mekaseh byk2..byk benda aku dpt dr korg esp.friendships..jgn lupe aku gak

and all the best..tq sume..
-afi- x xxpower

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