XX Power

on Tuesday, January 25, 2011
"who are we???"
XX Genius!!
"Who are We???"
XX Best...!!
"Who Are we??"
XX Power!!
Tadaaa!XX Power

There u have it...!XX power is showing the power in conquering people's mind.Hahaha!!
Since the very first day i met with the members of the group, i've never thought that we can be very great to get long, to get together, to laugh  together, to play sudoku together, to gossip together and blabalabla.

We are two months old guys,thanks for being in my team,thanks for being my friend. The most valuable moment with you guys is when we play doodling during Mr Barjoyai session. Where i caught red handed in drawing suka2 hati picture. They thought that i have problem in my life but i haven't had any! I share with you some moments with XX Power.

OH! Before that...Afie!I miss u So much!Hope u do well in your future undertakings!Good Luck!Dont u ever try to forget us ok!I love u.
Pnat, Yati n Hisyam

Nabel n Suri
mayna n intan

Afie, nabel, pnat, intan n syam


on Tuesday, January 4, 2011
We had a finale presentation last Tuesday. Our group presentation was about ECO-PALF!!
'eco-friendly pineapple leaf fibre'. Other groups also presented their own unique products.

Some information on ECO-PALF:

Constituents of ECO-PALF:

            Pectic matter
            Aqueous extract

Natural fibre which environmentally friendly:
       Recycling agricultural waste
       Reduce the emission of CO2
       Cheap alternative and compatible to already existing synthetic fiber
       Natural-based product- not harm to human
       Low cost (abundantly available), low density (higher specific strength and stiffness) and low energy type of fibre (low carbon released).
       Can be easily process for industrial purposes without any additional cost (raw material is highly abundant).
       Make use of the undesirable part of pineapple (leaf)à good waste management practice.
       The composites containing long fibre PALF were stronger than the short fibre composites.
       The unidirectional arrangement of the long fibers à good interfacial bonding between the PALF and polymer.
       Reduction in crystallinity of the composites àreinforcing effect of PALF enhancing mechanical strength.
       The strength of the composites was found to be higher by 5.1%.
       Eco-PALF + silk or polyester = textile fabric.
       End fabric is lightweight, easy to care and has an elegant appearance similar to linen.
       More delicate in texture than any other vegetal fibre.
       The non-structural composites are suitable to use for low cost housing, civil structures such as doors, windows, furniture, etc.

communication module ends

on Sunday, January 2, 2011

Public speaking

don't be nervous pleasee!
when you need to speak in front of people...please guys,don't be too nervous. Speaking from my experience, because of i was super nervous, i forgot what i had to say. On the day of our public speaking day..i did just ok but not that good. it was just plain ok.haha.But, Nabilah did learn from mistakes! :) 

Some tips from google:

Know your material.
Practice your speech and revise it if necessary.
If you're not familiar with your material or are uncomfortable with it, your nervousness will increase.
Ease tension by doing exercises.

Visualize yourself giving your speech.

Imagine yourself speaking, your voice loud, clear, and assured.
When you visualize yourself as successful, you will be successful.
Realize that people want you to succeed.
They don't want you to fail.
Audiences want you to be interesting, stimulating, informative, and entertaining.
Don't apologize.
If you mention your nervousness or apologize for any problems you think you have with your speech, you may be calling the audience's attention to something they hadn't noticed. Keep silent.
Concentrate on the message -- not the medium.
Focus your attention away from your own anxieties, and outwardly toward your message and your audience.
Your nervousness will dissipate.
Turn nervousness into positive energy.
Harness your nervous energy and transform it into vitality and enthusiasm.
Gain experience.
Experience builds confidence, which is the key to effective speaking.
A Toastmasters club can provide the experience you need.

Negotiation skills

Thank you Mr Hisham for a pleasent teaching skills on how to negotiate session. Plus, thank you for the choc!love it!

Mock interview

on Friday, December 31, 2010
We had been assigned into two groups where one group was interviewed by Mr Abdullah and the other group was with Mr Farouk. We had a class before the interview session began. We had been taught the dos and donts for an interview.

What to do:
1.Focus on employer's needs.
2. Listen actively to clues about employer's needs
3.Show through answers that you are interested
4. Watch out for body language and eye contact
5. Ask interviewer if you do not understand the question
6.Be positive, be enthusiastic

What not to do:
1.Appear desperate
2. Go off tangent
3. Or ramble
4. Make claims you can't back up
5.Belittle about bosses
6. Be eager to volunteer references
7. Initiate discussions on salary or benefits expectations

The mock interviews went well. I was interviewed by Mr Abdullah. Yes, i was really nervous.. But I nailed it!haha.

I am such a lucky person to be in the BESt Program. I had been given so many things, so many knowledge, so many experience. It is  more than I expected. Thanks Allah!

Three things in a row

on Wednesday, December 15, 2010

ONE-I have been taught on how to conduct an effective meeting by Prof Mohd Khir last Thursday in one of the Best Program sessions. It was really helpful because i have never been to any formal meeting before. Prof Khir told that the most important to conduct an effective meeting is the chairman itself should talk less than any other person in the meeting. I was also told on the format of conducting a meeting started with the notice of a meeting (tells about the details of the meeting such as date, place and time), agenda of the meeting, comments or opinions and lastly on how to adjourn the meeting. I was also been told about the differences between postponement, adjournment and cancellation. where:

cancellation of a  meeting: there is a mistake in the notice of meeting details, the meeting has not been conducted
adjournment of a meeting: the meeting has been conducted, continued in the next meeting session.
postponement: the meeting is not cancel but it is rescheduled

TWO-The Best Program session is continued with resume and cover letter session where it has been conducted by Ms Farah and Ms Liza.

Effective cover letter shoud have:
a) formal letter to the desired organization
b)job position that you want
c)promote yourself
d) it should not be too long (1 page is more than enough)

a) not more than 3 pages
b) personal details
c) career objective
d)educational background
f)job preference

Resume must be written properly, aligned correctly, must be very neat and can be read clearly. You must know that you only have less than 45 seconds to promote yourself and get hired!

THREE-Request For proposal (RFP)

We have came out with an idea of Eco-friendly Disposable Diapers. It is biodegradable, cost effective, safe to use product. I will tell about it later because the idea has not been finalised by our group members yet. Hopefully, this topic is going to be our final product for final presentation. :)


on Thursday, December 9, 2010
I woke up late this morning. i arrived at 9.05am and started my day without having breakfast.I was reaaally hungry..!When i entered the class, Mr Hisham (our speaker for public speaking session) has started his speech. Sorry! I over slept Mr Hisham.. :)

He was interviewing my colleages or having the ice breaking session by asking or guessing some questions about us randomly such as the meaning of our name, our hobby, our attitudes etc. He was using his 'psikik power' because some of the random guesses were true. I was impressed. He also lectured and shared his experience while he gave us some tips on how to speak fluently in front of the audience.

Then, there was an activity regarding to the public speaking session. We were asked by the speakers (Miss Nani was also there) to draw a picture about something that was on our mind that time. Then, we had to present it to the class and talked about the drawing.I drew a microphone. Maybe at that moment, i sat in front of the microphone and i was triggered to draw it. I presented the drawing and talked about how i felt when i stand in front of people and i like to give out some ideas or comments on other people's opinion.I also briefly talked about my favourite speaker which was about Mahadzer Lokman. We also had a group activity, where it was more or less like the individual activity and u had to promote and sell the product.

Then,we call the day off as we've been assigned to a particular topics to prepare on the next session of public speaking.Hopefully, i am fully prepared. Pray for me guys!  

Blogging catch the attentions

on Monday, December 6, 2010
What can we say about blogging?

Is it blogging is the way to deliver latest news??is it the place where u share your anger and pain?or  is it the best place to earn money?

As we all know, blog is the latest and high tech tool of writing that can be read all over the world, with the help of internet. It is a useful and very helpful way of spreading news or opinions or comments but also can be source to condemn other people's view or slandering. Hence, it depends on the way you write and the purpose of your blog.

I myself before this just loooove to read blogs but have had no intentions to write.i started once with Malay language type of entry, then it opened my eyes widely. Writing is good. Good enough as i have readers to read my blog (at least one). Is it good because i can deliver my feelings, my thoughts, my experiences and I have followers to catch my new updates. I can build my confidence despite it can reflects my opinions.As blogging becoming more interesting, i keep updating on the widgets in order to make my blog prettier.
From blogging, we also can meet new friends, sharing information about anything and commenting on their views about political issues or fascinating places to go for a holiday or about food etc. Even u can monetize the blog itself or sell your belongings (like pre-loved items) or promote your business.

 Different people will come out with different types of writings and ideas.I dont know wether my feelings are conveyed, but i just feel that i should never stop to write. :))  

I don't love $$$

woah..audience!!! fasten your seatbelt!it may cause you to feel some pain reading my entry this time.hahaha.my first and foremost entry in english, it may divert your feelings about my writings (terrible writing maybe?). am i capable enough to bring the attention of my fellow readers?

hurmm...i'll start with introducing myself all over again...live in perak.degree holder of biotechnology from monash university.still unemployed but, getting busier as i joined BEST program.Feel alive after the 4 months of nothing-to-do at home. now, wandering and having a seight seeing of the hectic kuala lumpur city. what a wonderful life of nabilah samsudin.

oh!forgot the most important thing about me!!im craving for shopping at this moment!!sale is everywhere guys!!!T_T

once i left  university, my source of pocket money is over.thanks MARA for your support.i promise i'll pay back when i got a job (hopefully with a great discount on the loan) :).so, talking about my experience in spending the pocket money given by MARA, i never feel rm700 is enough for 1 month expenses (you should note this,MARA).haha!!living in Bandar Sunway taught me how to manage my own money (in a good way).Otherwise, before u reach end of the month, u will end up like me, 'mak..mayday2!can u bank in some money for ur beautiful daughter?i felt half dying by keep on skipping meals..". :))). After that, my balance account changed (i got the money, yeay!!)

During my university life, everything must be paid and settled once my money was in. If not, my life will be horrible, where there were long lists of bills waited. The rent, the electricity and water bills, w1max bill, transportation (spending on petrol but not really burden me because i rode a bike), groceries etc. Plus minus total of 300 out of 700 was fully utilised to ensure my life in sunway was comfortable. The left over of 400 must be used wisely.However, the itchiness of spending on shoes and clothes and also other thing that was not-so-important brought me to the papa kedana life where instead of i ate at mamak stall or restaurants, i ate megi or cooking my own meals.I dont love to save. I dont love to let my money stay longer with me. I will let them go. I dont love money BUT i love to spend. :)))

 p/s: you must know how life would be when you living in Bandar sunway,
The temptations:
Sunway Pyramid (of course!)
Sunway lagoon
very expensive, good delicious food and beverages
very expensive transportation especially cabs